Our Story

The Margaret River Dairy Company’s origins go back to 1966 when a group of Italian artisan cheesemakers began selling their farmhouse and ricotta cheeses in a small store in suburban Perth. In 1990 they moved to the unspoilt South West to be closer to the rich soils and rolling green pastures beloved by dairy cattle. The Margaret River Dairy Company has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Our Heritage

We trace our origins to a group of Italian immigrants who were proud of both their heritage and their new home. These pioneers longed to recreate their favourite foods and began crafting dairy products that were steeped in tradition, though new to Western Australia. Soon the wider community began enjoying the fruits of their endeavours. The rest is history, their legacy The Margaret River Dairy Company.


Margaret River

Dreams of the perfect environment producing the freshest dairy produce drew our friends south to the beautiful and unspoilt Margaret River region. They bought Fonti Farms, a small holding whose rich soils and rolling green pastures provided the lushest of grass for dairy cows.


Growing Strong

In 1994, Fonti Farm Cheeses became The Margaret River Dairy Company and the cheese range expanded to include creamy Bries and rich Camemberts. A range of smooth 'pot set' yoghurts was also developed and, together with the cheeses, regularly won gold medals and accolades at competitions and shows throughout Australia.



When a fire completely destroyed the factory, the tragedy was turned into a new beginning. From the ashes arose an impressive state-of-the-art facility. It marked a new and exciting chapter in our story as work began on a fresh range of delicious pot set yoghurts and creamy cheeses.